Callback File System  v.6.1

With Callback File System component you can create your own file system within the application you develop and expose this file system to Windows as a virtual disk or a folder on the existing disk.

Webrequest Callback-Button

VOIP-call-back-button for ones own website. Features: Outgoing calls to other SIP-and IAX-addresses the SIP-and IAX-address will be transfered standardly as well as the name-alternatively anonymous. With calls, which are terminated into the fixed line

Advertisement Control, the most powerful, robust, callback control available in the market today for ASP.NET with AJAX support. Written in 100% managed C# code, provide callback functionality in your web applications. The

Controls76  v.

Controls76 is a free AJAX web controls library based on microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 callback functionalty. It allows developer to avoid page postbacks with minimum changes in standard ASP.NET application programming. Controls76 is a free library. You can

EasyCall for Symbian S60

There are many Calling Cards and Callback services that allow you to minimize the cost of making international phone calls. Unfortunately, mobile phones do not typically support these services and you have to do a lot of manual steps in order to use them.


RoloFlex: amazing personal contact manger (CRM) and information center (PIM) for home/office usage. Freeware No Strings for Personal Use: Minimum cost for Commercial Application. Runs on Visual DataFlex. AutoDial thru your faxmodem, Callback Dates,

Solution4VOIP VoipSwitch

Solution4VOIP is a complete IP telephony platform using which you can offer a variety of services such as: wholesale Voip termination, device to phone (NAT support) , pc to phone, web to phone , calling cards, SMS/ANI/WEB callback , DIDs mapping ,

PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET  v.1. 6. 2002

A suite of 21 ASP.NET web server controls that add AJAX callback capabilities to your ASP.NET web applications. Lose the annoying flicker when posting data to the server! LiveControls are a direct replacement for many standard Microsoft controls.

Voicent AutoReminder  v.

Easy-to-use calendar/scheduler with automatic phone reminders. Use it for birthday reminders, medication reminders, appointment reminders, etc. Appointment reminder messages automatically include person, date and time, and callback number.

Emiratecalls  v.3. 3. 2003

Tools for sms/mms bulk sending an VoIP software client. Scripts and applets to be - integrated on provider's website. Worldwide coverage. No monthly usage limits . Compatibility with callback and calling cards services.

Snapcalls SoftPhone  v.

This is a small Softphone application developed only for use with the Snapcalls VoIP telephony Service (won't work as a SIP client or with any other service provider) this service includes international dialing, ring callback, web callback, and SMS c

Ifonemax  v.

ifone max Telecom specializing in prepaid calling card, Callback services throughout the world. This multi-functional dialer allows you to connect to the Internet with one click from the system tray.

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